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Web Page Maker - Beta 1

Web Page Maker was developed for a friend of my wife. She wanted a way to create a web page so her family could see pictures of her children.

When I showed my wife the steps in creating a web page, with Word and how to upload it to a web server using FTP Explorer, she decided that was too hard.

Web Page Maker was born.

If you are running your own web server, just copy the files to your server. If not, then your are going to have subscribe to a web hosting service so other people will be able to see your site. This page also appears at http://www.eddiestestpage.0catch.com/webpagemaker.html
0catch.com is a free web hosting service, but there are many others.

I am creating this page, the one you are reading, using Web Page Maker, and taking screen shots as I do. Below is a complete description of how to use this program - anyone can use it!

This program will create a basic web page with pictures in 5 easy steps.

Click here to download now!

Here's how...

Give the page a name, title, and a background tile. The name of your web page is the file name it is saved as. Next, enter the title for your page and the background tile.

Enter the text for the top of your page. You could type a little about yourself, or give a description on what your page is about. There is no restriction on the length of the text, or format - your html code will work too!

This is where you will add your pictures. Each picture can have a caption of up to 250 characters and the color of the font can be changed by clicking "Select Text Color"

If you are planning on using a web hosting service, you will probably upload your web page to an FTP Server. Fill in the Host Name, User Name, and Password, and Web Page Maker can do it for you!

Now that your finished adding text and pictures, click "Click here to create your new web page." That's it! You have just created a web page full of pictures!

Next, you can view your new web page before uploading to the Web Server. Just click on the message under "Create your new web page" To upload to your Web Server, Click "Click here to upload your new web page." You are done!